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Our client Rosanne was enjoying a profitable summer season, in the seaside town of Margate. Disaster struck when she suffered a leak in the roof of her family arcade business following a heavy storm. The call came in just before close of play on a Friday evening.

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“Our insurance requirements for minimising risk for expeditions are complex and Sam navigated the best options for us with efficiency and professionalism.”

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Organisation of rural crime grows for landowners and businesses across the UK

Heading towards the end of our series, we are now discussing the fourth topic from our Managing Risk in Farming eBook, the growing organisation of rural crime.

Marsh Commercial and Dudmans of Berkshire feed the NHS

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The Brexit headache - biggest shake up in farming for a generation

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Commercial combined, Nancy Prest, Doodle HR Limited

It was amazing to receive such good customer care and service, especially given such trying times, and Jodie gave us more than we ever expected. 

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Commercial combined, Nicola Trailor, McCarthys

I always get so much help from Sarah, she goes the extra mile to make sure that I understand everything that we get from our policies.

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